Friday, 12 January 2018

Galkoffs To Be Butchered by Liverpool Museums For Liverpool University.

Now that’s not kosher.

Tiled facade of Galkoff butchers in LiverpoolTo add insult to injury University Supremo and ex Liverpool Museum Chairman Phil Redmond has got his mate Liverpool Museum Director and cultural vandal David Fleming to help him in the outrage, by accepting the tiles from the exterior into Liverpool Museums at a time when the organisation has no room and is offloading stuff to save on storage costs. 

They have no money having spent it all on destroying Manchester Dock, which pre-dated The Albert by 60 years, to build a giant museum with a staircase in.
ALL PASSED OVER BY HIS CHUMS AT ENGLISH HERITAGE. Oh no not the dreaded Henry Owen John again who is on the world heritage steering group with the Fuzz..

You will never be able to get these tiles off without obliteration.
The real fa├žade is how they are getting away with it. 
Right in front of the crooked operatives of those, English Heretics now Historic England.


The Liverpool History Society is doing a fact-gathering mission on behalf of Liverpool Museums. God Bless’em.

What would Rex Makin who hated David Fleming have said about this…….probably his idea actually.
The Local press (sic) have been duped by the PR machine that is Liverpool Museums doing another middle page spread buoying up Fuzzy Felt Fleming…….without looking into the situation. (Mark Thomas you really should be ashamed of yourself.) or do they care.
There was a time when journalists who had a brain, the likes of Peter Elson took Fuzzy Felt to task.
Not any more most of the journalists at the Oldham Echo are only just out of John Moores University themselves…..and short kecks.

Surely Redmond is looking for another new building to be named after him by the University………..but for smoothing the way for Galkoff’s to be demolished.

Phil you really have sold yourself down the river…….or to Tarporly.

Now it transpires Fuzzy Felt is retiring, and guess where hes got a job..................At The University.

It certainly pays well to be  a cultural vandal.

Friday, 29 December 2017

India Buildings-Send In The Clowns.

Stiles and Wood the big time building contractor trying to establish themselves in the Restoration of Listed Buildings are showing what a mess a bunch of clowns can create.
Upsetting everyone in the area this contractor is well and truly out of its depth.
 Fred Karno could have organised this job better.
What about the existing business and members of the public who use these streets?
 India Building has a Miseryrail exit/entrance for James street so this is the first impression they get when entering the locality.
 What have the council done?
Did they organise a consultation or an impact study? No that's too easy to do and it now transpires that the council have sold the streets to STILES and WOOD for them to organise as they see fit. They couldn't organise a dust up in a flour Mill.
 So the local businesses some that have been there for 30 years now have to struggle further in harsh economic times. While the MAYORS FUND gets a cash injection.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Liverpool Council-Corrupt To The Core.

The Liverpool Echo is full of news today about Nigel Russel the fraudster convicted in America that was allowed to buy council property the city council.

Heres one we did earlier.

He once worked for Tarik Bin Ladin the half brother of Osama Bin Ladin.
How disgraceful where were the checks on him. Why did Fat Joe Back'Anderson allow his council to deal with these people deemed not to be fit and proper. Was it Ged Fitzgerald's job to check.
 The Echo also ran an article about Ged Fitzgerald the chief executive of Liverpool City Council receiving complaints about him.
Here's one we did earlier.

City leaders sold the Grade II listed St Andrew’s Church in Rodney Street for £1 to one of Mr Russell’s companies in 2010.
Mr Russell had been jailed in the USA for passport fraud, tax evasion and illegal possession of firearms in the mid 2000s, and after a spell working in Dubai, returned to Liverpool to set up his property empire.
Investors say that if the council had carried out a test to see whether Mr Russell was a “fit and proper person” to hold licences to operate houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs), then they and fellow investors from as far away as Canada, Brunei, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines may not have had to endure what they called years of hell.