Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I stood talking to a man in an antique shop about The Baltic Triangle and about recent developments there.
"Do you know Trevor Jones" a guy said from nowhere "I do not know him personally but I know of him".
He sued me he said. "Oh and who may you be"
"I was the regional editor for the New Statesman"
He then went on to speak very lowly about his, Trevor Jones, business interests in the preceding decades. Recollecting things as if it was yesterday.
I learnt a lot as to how Liverpool politics worked during that conversation as it appeared he had seen it all long before my time.
Apparently the New Statesman was taken to the high court I was told and a small sum of maybe,a thousand pounds was paid into court to offset the costs. With top barristers ready and all facts and defence available and set to go. Trevor Jones solicitor, I was told excepted the money paid into court and claimed a victory prior to the case being heard.
"Do you know who his solicitor was"? I was asked. "No but I can make a guess" I replied. Sure enough my guess to who his distinguished Liverpool solicitor was correct.
This was of course all a long time ago.
It was over a year later and the article popped through my door, click on the images on the left, and it is very interesting reading, asking more recent questions.
All this activity on the periphery of what is now Grosvenor-pool, Liverpool 1, the massive new shopping complex owned by the Duke of Westminster.
What happened to all those interests, where they ever declared?.
His wife Lady Doreen was chair of the planning committee for years. I had the personal misfortune of meeting her on several occasions at meetings.
Does he live on the Duke Of Westminster's estate?
Did they both go to his daughters wedding? Are they friends she says so.
What happened to all those properties that the New Statesman declared Sir Trevor Jones had an undeclared interest in.
They,the Jones, knocked down Lamb & Sons the last ships chandlers in the city to develop along with Windsor Developments this and a lot more land in the vicinity of the Baltic Fleet pub.
Are there are more questions than answers.

Wayne Colquhoun

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