Wednesday, 18 March 2009


David “fuzzy felt” Fleming opens his big gob again.
Dr Joanna Cobley
interviewed the director of National Museums Liverpool as part of some international convention down under. She described him as Iconoclastic…doesn’t quite equate with the descriptions I have for him but there you go.

picture with courtosy to Architects Journal

This is a pod-cast he made in New Zealand.
Which he thought was well and truly buried. Afraid not. He sent a copy around to all the curators at NML. What an idiotic thing to do. Why would you do that? It takes about 10 minutes of listening but then he gets in full swing
During the interview he said: "Why is it that most curators and museum staff are completely dysfunctional in normal society?
"Most of them you would not want to take out for a drink. They’re weird! And why is it that our sector thinks it’s appropriate to put weird people at the head of it?"

Well they wont be lining up at NML to go down and have a drink with him for sure. Who is weird? Isnt he at the head of NML, what a stupid thing to say. Can he really get away with this?
People I spoke to at NML where disgusted about being spoken about in such a derogatory manner by a director who is supposed to inspire not create such ill feeling and contempt.
Comments were left on the Museum website, and were later removed, after the local press got hold of it and published extracts.

Did he think this was well and truly buried and hid away down under.
No way………….. We Are.... Watching The Defectives.

Further reading.... he seems to upset everyone.
Fleming apologises and so he should this was a mistake.

Who is he upsetting now…does he have any friends left to go for a drink with.

Citadel of disaster
See Manchester Docks Obliterated blog 9th March 08

He sacked The Architects he appointed
3XN slam museum

Oh and what really happened between him and Loyd Grossman will we ever know?

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