Friday, 15 May 2009

Liverpool World Heritage Disaster led by David Fleming and NML

It is beyond belief.
The Museum hasn't even got the complete funding yet.
Imagine building yourself an extension because you think you will get the cash.
Is it an X-Box or an Egg-Box.
The giant TV screen in the Pier know, The World Heritage Site which was our best asset for our future that has been ruined for ever, led by "The Felt", David Fleming.
Slippage its called.
A museum mole tells me that David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming the NML public relations disaster has just had to sign off an extra 100,000 grand for what was entitled ducting at the new museum. How do they keep on doing this with public funds. Shouldn't someone audit it.
He was heckled at yesterdays meeting at the Maritime Museum (that he probably will close). He was told "you don't know your staff" and was left in no doubt as to what his staff thought of him. But on he goes bungling from one disaster to another. How does he get away with this? Flemings idea of a museum of Hillsborough went down very badly indeed.
Apologies had to be made.
The place that was supposed to show the world what a "culchured" city we are.
We have a World Heritage Officer John Hinchliffe, he is the one with the white stick who has watched it all happen. He is a Yorkshire man. Saltaire is a WHS and protected against development by the city council.
Imagine the French building all over La Palace de la Papes or La Pont D'Avignon.
No,it is not even an option to ruin your history so a few "cosy" developers, led by the NWDA and Mike Storey & Co, can do what they like.
So all the "ducting" at the new museum of misery, had to be changed, and we are footing the bill for "Fuzzy Felt" falling out with his architects.
He is a public relations car crash, he even got a mention in Private Eye see current issue.
see recent comments on the excellent blog Nemesisrepublic.
Some recent PR disasters by his Feltness. respected historian and recent Chairman of the c20 society Gavin Stampwrote.
I think we will be visiting this topic again, etc, etc,etc

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