Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Louise Ellman-Anything to Declare

As the "Dame of Dereliction" Louise Ellman has been contacted many times by myself and many likeminded people who I know. SO MANY PROPERTIES LAY PERILOUSLY CLOSE IN TOXTETH TO FALLING OVER, DECADES AFTER THE RIOTS AND AFTER A BILLION IN EUROPEAN OBJECTIVE ONE FUNDING.
Apart from a little bit of help with the saving of the Chambre-Hardman photographic archive,to which we were grateful, I have personally found Ms Ellman a complete and utter waste of time. SHE DOES NOT SEEM TO CARE.
I recently wrote to her requesting where I can find details of her expenses.
Here is her reply

Dear Mr Colquhoun
I would be grateful if you could confirm your home address, so that I can confirm you are my constituent.
Yours sincerely
Louise Ellman
MP Liverpool Riverside
0151-236 2969.

Who does she think she is. Touchy...Touchy. Anything to declare?

How disgraceful a attitude picking out who she talks to. Isn't this what made this country the sad place we have found ourselve's where MPs think they are above answering to the people who elect them.
I have operated a business in her constituency for 12 years. Paid my rates. I have lived in her constituency for some time and I find it an arrogance that the people who represent the public feel that they can negotiate their way around the public without explaining when they so choose to.

She then published a, what she calls, typical months expenses. ...64p for a biro?

Louise Ellman opens expenses files
May 22 2009 by Gary Bainbridge, Liverpool Echo
LIVERPOOL Riverside MP Louise Ellman revealed taxpayers pay for her breakfast – but only when she is working at Westminster.
A trawl through her Parliamentary expenses receipts revealed that over the last year she has claimed £30 for a toaster and £9.98 for a glass muesli jar. A monthly food bill for when she is in London was £320. Purchases have included a £499 26-inch flat-screen TV and a 64p ballpoint pen.
In a typical month last year she claimed £773 for mortgage interest on her London flat, £72 on utilities, £171 on council tax, £70 on telephone and telecoms, and £120 on cleanings.
Her newsletter to every constituency household last year cost £2,140.
What is the problem Ms Ellman?.......Anything to Declare? ITS A SIMPLE QUESTION.
It is not the typical month that I was requesting but the un-typical.
Why just cherry pick what you want to say, WE NEED TO KNOW.


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