Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tescopool, Is there Hope in Liverpools New Found People Power.?

Well after all the congratulations in sending Tesco packing from Hope Street and all those supporters of the face book campaign against the proposals to Tescopolise Hope Street you have to ask the question,
'Where, were they all when the world heritage site was being destroyed with carbuncle on carbuncle on the Pier Head'.

Whats more, where were they all while someone dumped these unholy anachronisms on the pavement just down the same road, in between the two cathedrals on Hope Street. I first came across them when I nearly bumped into one whilst walking past the carriage-works, nervously on the way to the not so glorious bail hostel, outside which, I had parked my car. You have to say they are crass satues, and why do the heads stick out like lolly-pops. Is Liverpool turning into The European Capital of Bad Sculpture.
Just what do-gooder person with a white stick commissioned these bronze nightmares by Broadbent who studied with Arthur Dooley.....who also produced some rubbish but in the mix of his legacy is some real emotive sculpture. It did not rub off to the apprentice. If I recall they may have been sponsered by the Echo who someone once said "The only culture in that paper was the free Curry Pasty from Greggs they were giving away the other week". Cant remember who said that! but anyhow.
Oh and the so-called culture correspondent Catherine Jones, was a driving force in pushing these carbuncles into Hope Street. Catherine you should be ashamed. But what do you expect with Alastair Machray as editor of the Oldham Echo. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/08/now-that-culture-for-yeh-08-all-pasties.html
I have only ever sold one Broadbent piece and this is an example of why. He lacks depth of emotion in his work, in my opinion, these are prime examples of ill thought out casting. Did a planning application go in for these godawful totem poles on the pavement right next to Hahnermann house that Berni Turner says she had listed. (Three Cheers for, over, over, exaggeration by Turner). So why was there no campaign over these eyesores. You know, its one step forward and one back in Liverpool and the problem lies here with uneducated Quangi who propose sculpture as public art in this city. That are really lacking in the requisite taste and culture to sanction pavement art. The results show us up as a uncultured city post 2008. Those do-gooders need to stop and appoint people who know what they are talking about.
I recently showed a, really, cultured client from Chicago around Hope Street who just burst out laughing at these pavement cloggers. "What the"...he said I had no explanation.
So on the basis of all these new armchair conservationists, empowered by facebook, isn't it time to reclaim the streets......from the local residents of Hope Street and the ill informed press, let loose in what is now classed as our cultural quarter. Those decision makers, with with bad taste.
Yes it was right to send Tesco packing but on the subject of Liverpool being the European Capital of Bad Sculpture............Every Little Hurts.

And you have to ask......Just what has Morecambe and Wise got to do with Liverpool anyhow.


  1. Sorry I think I may have deleted a comment by mistake from someone involved in the Tesco Facebook campaign. If they would care to put it back on I will be glad to publish it.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    Don't have time to rewrite, but basically my points were:

    - Just because other bad things have happened and are happening is no reason to do down the success of this campaign.
    - The Tesco appliation was the straw that broke the camel's back; people do care however in this instance they were alerted to the fact in time to react - it was not like Maghull sneakily flattening buildings at the weekend.
    -There is no reason why people cannot be mobilised using these technologies to support the World Heritage Site and the other causes you hold dear.
    - You are sounding a bit green and bug-eyed and it is unbecoming
    - Maybe you should get off your own armchair, distribute posters and mobilise people when you are campaigning. Your readership is surely more than the Daily Ghost's but maybe you could learn something from the Tesco campaign which would help get your message out.

    Keep up the good work matey,

    (Having seen the trouble Bernie T got into when she left a comment on your blog I think I'll stay anonymous! LOL ;-)

  3. Hello LOL
    No I was not downing the success of this campaign in fact quite the opposite. I had congratulated all on the previous post. But, I was astounded at the success, the fact that Tesco gave up was suprising, I thought they would dig their heels in. Call me a cynic but is this a precursor to a supermarket planned for the Maghull new build opposite, Mike Hanlon is talking in Your Move magazine current issue.
    Dont forget Josephine Butler House was not on Hope Street, the road will be completely different if it was not for the credit crunch.
    The new technoligies are a good thing but the point I was making was where were all those people when fighting against Maghull and the carbuncle Ferry Terminal and the Black Granites at the Pier Head. It seems Hope Street is a glamour puss for the likes of Berni Turner to get sound bites while 46 listed buildings have been lost.
    I do have to say I have learnt something after your Teso campaign, but I dont think I personally could have done more than I have and it is with regret that there have been monumental planning mistakes, I hope more people follow your lead and campaign.........perhaps you could help us out and set up a world heritage destruction facebook page, it would be much appreciated.