Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is Frank McKenna Really Editing, The Liverpool Daily Post & Echo?

Should it be called the Daily McKenna.

Why do DLIB get so much publicity in Liverpool? They are a business lobby group.
If from now on all the advertisements of theirs that appear in any of the papers on Merseyside owned by trinity Mirror are not labelled as a advertising feature I will write to the Directors of Trinity Mirror Group advising them that if this is not changed a full blown complaint to the Advertising Standards Board will be made.
The last straw is when the Daily Post blatantly allows them sponsor the views and blogs section of the paper. This, the reporter’s blogs and the letters pages. We deserve better than vested interests running this city.
The local papers should be seen to appear be above being manipulated.
While putting my time into what I believe to be issues of importance, in fact world importance in heritage contexts I consider that the public have been let down by the local press, especially the Oldham Echo.
My opinion is the Daily Ghost business editor Bill Gleeson is far too close to where the stories are originating…from local business with vested interests.
Just who sponsored Barry Turnbulls Fred Olsen cruise? While the editorial stance was attacking Southampton who would benefit from Liverpool being able to operate a turnaround facility at the Cruise Liner Jetty…Fred Olsen registered in Chorley.
Who sponsored Mark Thomas to go to Shanghai? There are many questions that need answering but number one is. What has happened to the quality of the press?
Where did all the campaigns go? Why have they ignored the cities important heritage?
When did the local business take such a stranglehold of Trinity Mirror in Liverpool that it now looks like the Merseymart, Oh sorry they own that too and use the same editorial making sure the Daily Council ram it in every direction to the public, they dont even have to buy a paper now, one come free.
Are these just my views? Maybe not?
But what is significant is when the press themselves get so fed up that they cant hold back any longer you know it is bad.
So how are Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors stifling equality in arms with the public on heritage matters? Simple by ignoring them and allowing the vested interests to infiltrate the City Council without question. Why question the people who pay for adverts in the paper is a question I think may have already been asked.
Why do DLIB get a full page in the Liverpool Daily Post Business section without a mention of it being an advert?
I am of the opinion that an advertising standards board complaint is to submitted soon.

“Downtown Liverpool is helping to shape the political agenda. We campaigned very hard against the Liverpool planners’ tall buildings policy, which would have made it virtually impossible to build a tall building. We are also tackling the myriad of public sector agencies on Merseyside – would you believe there are 82 QUANGOs running the place?”
Downtown Liverpool now has more than 300 member companies, drawn mainly from the property world, the professions and new media companies.
(McKenna now franchises the operation to Preston)
Downtown Preston will operate in the same way, hosting events, networking dinners and award ceremonies. Membership costs vary according to the size of the business, starting at £250 a year and rising to £500 for companies with more than 20 staff.

McKenna himself says

Frank McKenna was a young Skelmersdale politician with the world at his feet. Chairman of the North West Regional Assembly, leader-elect of Lancashire County Council, he was destined for a safe Labour seat in the House of Commons where a ministerial career surely beckoned. Then rumours of election fraud surfaced in satirical magazine, Private Eye, forcing him to resign from public office. After a £3 million police investigation, the judge threw out the case but his political career was over. Now he is back in Lancashire as the head of Downtown Preston in Business – a high profile lobbying group which is sure to create waves. Editor Andrew Calvert went to meet a man who is remarkably sanguine about his experiences. When you are awaiting trial on fraud charges, your chances of finding a job are somewhat limited. “There’s not a lot you can do other than work for yourself,” recalled McKenna, reflecting on the events back in 2001.The sharp-suited, fast-talking Scouser had never been short of contacts in both the public and private sectors. A public affairs consultancy business was the obvious choice of a new career and McKenna was soon winning work throughout the North West.
He had built a reputation in Liverpool for his work with property developers on planning issues and came up with the idea for Downtown Liverpool in Business.
Yes so why are they held in esteem by the local papers? This has to stop.
Or a full-blown complaint will be issued to the directors of Trinity Mirror and with another 17 staff to go I do not think they at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors can afford to ignore a warning.


  1. Ministerial career surely beckoned, my arse! The only thing that beckons Frank McKenna is his mirror

  2. Nice acknowledgement to George Monbiot's Guardian article in which he praises the independence of the Salford Star newspaper. They have a web page, well worth checking out for references to Peel Holdings dealings in their area.


    Yes Esther we are aware of the independence of the Salford Star here is a link to an example