Wednesday, 17 March 2010

David Irving as Chairman of Liverpools Planning Committee is a Disgrace.

The Planners of Liverpool have three functionary duties it seems. Accept plans, process plans and Rubber Stamp plans.

It does not matter if the plans are for crap architecture that falls to bits in a couple of years as long as developer wants something the Liverpool planning department will get it through. There are more questions than answers.

Then the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee our Chief Planning Disaster manager  hands them over to the planning committee, made up of poodles without any architectural knowledge and its thumbs up without debate. Liverpool was a city with a world heritage site.......not any more.

I could not attend yesterdays planning meeting I did not know it was debating (sic) the proposed Travelodge on the Strand. I would have lost my temper, if I had of been there.  Even Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors had a go at this one.

I had a report put through my door from the intrepid Florence Gersten yesterday. It said I wanted to talk to you about this mornings planning meeting, particularly the new travelodge on the Strand. I was as near total loss of temper, publicly, as I have ever been.
Now this is serious. I had no idea that the plans were being debated.

Irving who asked Florence Gersten if she was representing the Liverpool Preservation Trust altered the Agenda. “No I am representing SOC Save Our City,” she said. The despicable little man knows exactly whom she represents, so why did he ask her this question.
He barracked her breaking into the speech asking her to stop talking she had spoke for two minutes, while the architects were given unlimited time.
“This has been a long meeting and we have had to set off early,” he said
Florence said I have one paragraph left about the colour of the cladding”


A PLANNING COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN NOT INTERESTED IN THE COLOUR OF THE BUILDING BEING DEBATED, IN THE WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Just where did this bloke  slither in from, no wonder its carbuncles-R-us down at the Pier Head. We have the honour of being a world heritage site and numbskull Irving and the other planning committee poodles are compliant in world heritage disaster, just what has gone wrong in Liverpool.

A blue plastic clad building, a Travelodge. They who are the purveyors of Cheap and nasty tacky hotel architecture being allowed into the Liverpool World Heritage Site and the committee Chairman says I am not interested in the colour. Well what do you expect from someone who doesn’t live in Liverpool.  It could be said that the current crop of this committee are Subverting the whole planning process.
I hope they can sleep at night.

Just what are the English Heretics doing and where are Unesco. IcomosUK used to comment until Liverpool City Council became a corporate member.
While next door the famous White Star Line Building lies empty rotting away.


  1. Why didn't the local press report on this? It is our World Heritage site they are ruining for pity's sake

  2. Interesting Esther. Stiky Ink Bartlett at the Daily Ghost covered the last meeting but at present he is in the South of France on the MIPIM Booze Cruise hob nobbing it with the developers doing the damage and telling us how great Peel Holdings are.

  3. Florence Gersten has probably forgotten more about the city's fine buildings (and their settings) than Mr Irving will ever know. So why won't the Planning Committee have the decency to listen to her properly? She should be the first person they go to for advice. Perversely they treat her and other conservationists with contempt.

  4. I agree with what you say David. It is like a closed shop at the planning committee meetings where the committee chairman and his co-horts play around with the nervousness of those who wish to object, who may not be as confortable as they are. I myself have never come across a group of people who I disrespect more than those who play politics with our heritage.

  5. I think David Irving is an incarnation of Doreen Jones