Monday, 24 May 2010

Littlewoods Building Edge Lane-The Decay Continues. Why?

Cllr Joe Anderson is making a trip to the Isle of Man to see reclusive businessman Albert Gubay, who owns Edge Lane Retail Park. Earlier this year, relations between the Fib-Dem council and the company started to thaw and Cllr Anderson said he was keen to meet Mr Gubay to make sure the scheme stayed on track. He said: “I have asked for a meeting with Mr Gubay and I am going to see him with the council’s executive director for regeneration, John Kelly.

“We are meeting him and his representatives to discuss the future of Edge Lane Retail Park because it is a vital part in the jigsaw in terms of the regeneration of Liverpool.
“I have called for a halt to the legal action between the council and his company, and they have agreed to reciprocate and withdraw their legal action against the council. This is a man and a company which wants to invest in Liverpool to create jobs and help us regenerate our city. We have to find a solution to areas of disagreement and that is what I intend to do. I am optimistic we can reach an agreement.”
Derwent wants to build a retail park with around 600,000 sq ft shopping space, half the size it originally hoped for.He said it was “ludicrous” for both sides to attempt to sue each other.

Mr Taylor added: “We never wanted to end up in court with the city council and cancelling the legal action is a pragmatic, common-sense approach. We have a saying in the office, ‘let’s crack on and get it done’, and we get that feeling from the city council now. We look forward to working with the council and Cllr Anderson to make this scheme happen.”
The current retail park is around 430,000 sq ft, meaning the new shops will total 170,000 sq ft more than the current site.Derwent is also offering a number of “sweeteners” for their part of the deal.
The concessions include an extension to Mersey Care’s Rathbone Hospital; a larger “Victorian” style park to replace Wavertree’s Rathbone Park; and a “grotspot-free” zone.
Meanwhile the Littlewoods Building lies empty crumbling.
Joe Anderson has appointed a cabinet member for regeneration and development. But what about the historic side of Liverpools fabric. I sincerely hope Joe is not going to be another property developers spiv like the last few council leaders.
The trouble here goes back some time and for some reason the council were hostile to Gubay.
Too late for Elizebeth Pasco though forcably ejected from her house by Labour Pathfider policies.
Bernie Turner, Liverpools Mastermind, who in my opinion is a heritage fraud watching as buildings fall down, while masquerading as a English Heretic Environment champion She said the Judge needed a good slapping who ruled against the council in a Council-v-Gubay spat.
So the Littlewooods Building decays while they plan to throw another load of B&Q sheds up, and no-one seems to care. English Heritage Inspecter Hawkins said this should be made a Conservation area, but Mike Storey as the then Council leader and NWDA committee member, and Liverpool Land Company executive member had other ideas.
Instead the North Vested Interest Development Agency bought it and proposed to kock it out to Urban Splash after a secret competition where they just announced the winner won the deal to develop it.  A bit like the secret competition for new museum on the Pier Head. This building on Edge Lane should have been the new museum, right next to the historic Edge Lane Railway Station. That would have given the area a chance instead of destroying the World Heritage Site.
And Urban Splash have done nothing.

Come on Joe get some action going on the Littlewoods Building before the decay goes too far.

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