Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Liverpool Daily Post-Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors.

The last post I did was about Liverpool Museums under the stewardship of David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming (who had Loyd Grossman sacked) and how it is in dispute with a new set of architects. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/06/museum-of-liverpool-where-has-all-cash.html

The piece that I quoted was in the Architects Journal and this was sent to "Stinky Ink" Bartlett and "No Mark" Thomas and the Oldham Echo. Below is what they come up with. Another advertorial from the Daily Museum. No wonder we are in such a mess when the educated nonces at the Oldam Hall Street distort the truth.

Shame on you Mark Thomas, twisting the truth the editor of cherry pickers anonymous at the Liverpool Daily Ghost. (Dead man walking will someone put it out of our misery).
A disgrace to your profession.   This what he goes on to print.

Liverpool museums to receive £350,000 to fund staff training

Jun 8 2010 by Gary Stewart, Liverpool Daily Post
Add a commentRecommend LIVERPOOL museums have been awarded £350,000 to train new staff to attract visitors.
National Museums Liverpool, which includes the World Museum, Walker Art Gallery and the forthcoming Museum of Liverpool, will use the money from the Heritage Lottery Fund to train six new recruits over a four-year period.
They will learn to encourage hard-to-reach audiences to visit the museums, develop activities for ethnic groups, disabled people and children, and give guided tours for visitors. Existing staff will get extra training. Alyson Young, National Museums Liverpool’s training and development officer, said: “This award enables us to expand our work while helping existing staff build on their skills.
“It helps us reach every section of the community.”

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