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Cains Brewery Con Job-The Dusanj Brothers Are Selling Out Our History For More Empty Apartments.

And it looks like they have got the backing of Joe Anderson and Co.
The planners must have been working on this scheme to develop the site with the owners of the company as they have already issued the press releases to the gullable Daily Ghost and Oldham Echo who promoted it for them on April 11th.

They told how wonderful it was to be in the local rag.

Cains announce £50m ‘Brewery Village’ plan to breathe new life into historic Liverpool site

Now a month later Alaistair Houghton writes

 Union officials will visit Cains today to meet staff who lost their jobs after the company suspended its brewing operations.
Cains announced on Friday it was closing its loss-making supermarket own-label brewing and canning operation and axing 38 jobs.
The company, run by brothers Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj, has also started negotiations to sub-contract the brewing of Cains beers to a third party.
Franny Joyce, regional officer for Unite, is to meet affected workers to discuss what action they can take. Just 18 jobs remain at the site.
Production of beer at Cains’ landmark Stanhope Street site, off Parliament Street, stopped the week before last.
Cains said production will only resume if it wins permission to develop the site into a £50m “brewery village”.
The plans, revealed in the ECHO last month, would see the Grade II-listed redbrick original brewery building refurbished to house a craft brewery, a hotel, shops and a “delicatessen-type” food hall. A sky bar would also be installed on the roof.
The production sheds that face Parliament Street would be replaced by a supermarket with apartments on top.
Cains will submit its plans to Liverpool City Council this summer. If approved, work could start next year – but would take up to two years to complete.
On Friday a Cains spokesman told the ECHO: “Brewing at the site has been suspended while we progress our Brewery Village scheme and we are in negotiations to sub-contract the brewing of Cains products to a third- party brewery during this interim period.
“The nature of our brewery is such that its operation cannot be scaled down in a simple fashion and it would be financial madness to continue with such huge overheads for a relatively small brewing operation.”
He added: “We have said all along that the brewery is at the heart of our plans for the Brewery Village scheme and this remains the case.
“The existing brewery will be redesigned during the anticipated redevelopment so that it is more efficient and better suited for future use.
“We are continuing to discuss matters with our advisors about how we best manage winding up the current canning and brewery side of the business.
“Cains is alive and kicking and we are extremely positive about our future plans, which will secure brewing in the city for decades to come.” 

13/5/2013  Gordant wrote in the comments section
Another disgraceful move by the owners. They put alot of people out of work when they went bust then were allowed to buy back the company. It is a disgrace. City council should not allow any planning permission for these people as they are only looking to line their own pockets by ripping others off.


10:00 AM on 11/5/2013
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The brothers have a history of playing fast and loose with the brewery and its workforce that doesn't bode well for their ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the site.
Here's an account of some pretty suspect practices reported in the Echo in 2008:
It would be reassuring to see the Echo take a more critical stance towards the local business community.



CAINS has launched an ambitious bid to create a £50m ‘Brewery Village’ on its historic Liverpool site.
The plan involves restoring its original Grade II listed building to house a craft brewery, a hotel, digital studios, a delicatessen-type food hall, independent shops and a sky bar on the roof.
The sheds at the front of the site on Parliament Street would be demolished to make way for a supermarket with apartments built on top.
Stanhope Street, which runs through the middle of the seven-acre site but is closed to traffic, would be opened up to help create a market street type environment.
The company hopes the new “village” would become an extension of the nearby budding Baltic Triangle creative area.

TO HOUSE A CRAFT BREWERY...............Why did he not question them?
Why did he turn this into a good news story?
Probably because its been spoon fed to him by some dodgy PR company.
He dismisses the buildings as sheds, when this is where people work.

Shame on you David a month later the real news comes out.
You have been conned.

You published a glass half full story when the glass was half empty.

This area has grants available.

Will the Cains con-job that putspeople on he dole recieve a development grantto put people out of work?
Will the site be a Tesco?
We all know "Every little hurts".

Louise Ellmans constituancy again.....while she is stating how important jobs are for the city when she is promoting her friends at Peel Holdings, she keeps her head down again.

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  1. Strangely the brothers had already applied for liquidation on April 2nd so were always planning to close the can hall ahead of the application for Brewery village.

    The workforce have been sacked without consultation or pay on the grounds that RC brewery has gone into liquidation, but all of the beer produced in the last weeks has been moved to Cains 8 pubs (still listed on the land registry as leased by RC brewery) which are still trading ?

    Perhaps some investigative journalism is required here to get to the real story rather than to just publish the PR.

    One thing is for sure the supermarket will not be Tesco, the Dusanj brother's shafted them (along with Asda,JS and the COOP) - Cains was a good brand with a good product portfolio, the site had every chance of making money and maintaining a working brewery with Liverpool heritage, sadly all that will be left, (if Liverpool is lucky) will be a small micro pub

    Shame on anyone who drinks Cains pints whilst this lot are in charge