Thursday, 2 May 2013

Liverpool Central Library-Turns Into A Costa Cafe!!!!

The Grand re-opening is the 17th May.
It will coincide with Lite Nite It is going to be another big event.
It will be massive, just like the opening of (Grosvenor-pool) Liverpool One and the mess that is the new museum at the Pier Head that destroyed the World Heritage Site. The PR stunts are being dreamt up now for the big launch the mis-truths are being written as we speak, press releases being compiled. Jon Egan the property developers moll is probably even doing them.
The BBC will be there, the washed up Roger Philips will be telling all his thousands of listeners how wonderful it is.
The Ghost and Echo will be doing quadruple page spreads about how great it is....without really thinking the thing through as usual.

The Council will be proclaiming how wonderful it is for Liverpool how amazing it is for the world.

 What they wont be telling you is that we have sold 30000 books to make way for an internet Costa cafe.
Now thats Culcha for yer!
They wont be telling you how Warren Bradley and Co sold the Library to a private company in a lease back deal.
Remember those dark days in the 80's when Derek Hatton & co tried to sell off the Town Hall to the Gnomes of Zurich . We wrote as long ago as 2009 on the topic of selling off some of your prize assetts to the highest bidder in a lease back deal that was agreed by Executive Council....which was Warren Bradley and his three mates and Colin (Cover up) Hilton the then Chief Executive. Was the convicted councillor Steve Hurst on the committee once

We had a billion pounds of European Objective One money that we doled out to PR companies and Miserytravel to not build the trams and then we have to sell off our libraries. Well we say sell off most of the low profile ones are being closed so Joe Anderson can pay for his PR Guru's £90,000 a year wage bill.
The Library refurbishment was first reported by Vicky Anderson for the Daily Ghost without a whimper of the impending doom for all the books.
So now the Great Dictator Joe Anderson and the Labour Council are going to milk this tragic event for all its worth.

Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven.

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  1. 'Derek Hatton & co tried to sell off the Town Hall to the Gnomes of Zurich' whats the story behind this reference?