Thursday, 17 April 2014

Amy Browne-Another Liverpool Echo Clowne. Someone Should Stop the Rot At The Liverpool Echo.

You have to despair at the Daily Joe of Oldham Hall street.
They make a good headline out of a bad headline. Now we have another newcomer to the Echo Stop The Rot self congratulating campaign, that incidentally, stopped the rot of nothing.
Look at the lead picture they have used of the Albert Dock.
Most of the plebeian population would not notice that this is an old picture that now has three black coffins and a giant skateboard ramp that pretends to be a museum obscuring the Liver Buildings.
Of course the Echo said these developments were all good for Liverpool.
Liverpool is on the Unesco "In Danger" List not a mention from Amy Browne then. Lets ignore that shall we.

She waffles on
English Heritage’s ‘Heritage At Risk’ programme lists historic sites that are in danger of being lost through decay, neglect, or inappropriate development, to highlight where action is needed.
Grade 1 listed sites are those classed as having ‘outstanding architectural or historic interest’ and are designated by the government on the advice of English Heritage.
Liverpool’s Grade 1 listed buildings include the Liver Buildings, the Albert Dock, St George’s Hall and the Town Hall. Sefton Park and several places of worship across Merseyside also bear the classification.
The headline should have been look at The Wellington Rooms, or 84 Duke St, about to be demolished or St Andrews church.
Stop the Rot at the Echo.
The new interns drive all the same old stories forward on behalf of Alastair "Burger and Ships" Machray at The Daily Joe.

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