Thursday, 17 April 2014

Joe Anderson Turns The Town Hall Into A Mobile Phone Advertisement-Can This Be Right?

Liverpool Town hall is in the World Heritage Site, in a Conservation Area and is a listed building.
Is there no respect for Liverpool's Heritage.
Is the main reason we are on the Unesco World Heritage In Danger List,  because Joe Il Duce Anderson can get away with it.
This is an illegal hoarding on a listed building.
But we have to ask how many of you out there are interested and will do anything about it?
Anderson says he does not have to answer questions about it.
 The local press are not interested. They just waffle on about how great everything is while filling the back pages with advertisements from the council.
 Stop the Rot at The Echo and we may stop the rot in the corrupted regime that lets the Mayor turn the Town Hall into a giant advert for a mobile phone.
 Liverpool Confidential where informed about the illegal hoarding but as yet not a dicky bird from them.
Do they care? Or is Mr Neild just looking for headlines.

Is this Mayor out of control.

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