Monday, 22 May 2017

Ged Fitzgerald Arrested. Why Did Joe Anderson Pick Him?

Why was Ged Fitzgerald picked as Chief Executive of this great city?

Was he picked specially for his talents?

Does he have any talents? 

Does he have a talent for hiding the truth?

Is he mates with Frank McKenna? 

The phrase Hot Potato springs to mind. so who gave him the job? 

He was embroiled in the Rotherham Child Abuse scandal accused in fact of allegedly covering up the scandal.

What does the pathetic editor of The Liverpool Echo do about accusations against him.............stuff all.
Who is next?.............Answers on a brown envelope to the address below.

Mayor Joe Anderson
Liverpool City Council
Cunard Buildings

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

John McIntosh Liverpool Planning Committee Chair Binned......After He Has Done The Damage!

In a dramatic turn of events Joe Anderson's mate John McIntosh was binned by the Labour Party.
He has been on the planning committee for 17 years.
There were rumour's that Fat Joe wanted Fat John there to deliver plans through the planning process.

We made a FOI request for details of all correspondence between the pair.
Why are they ignoring this lawful request?.

liverpool preservationtrust 

to informationreq.
Dear Sir/Madam,
                           I understand Kevin Symm is no longer working in your department.
Please would you provide the following information as a FOI request.
I would request all copies of correspondence between Jon McKintosh, Chairman of Liverpool City Planning Committee and The Mayor Joe Anderson
I require ths information by email and letters and to contain all correspondence by means of any council email addresses as a councillor or as Mayor.
Iook forward to hearing from you
David Ward.

Information Requests

to me
Dear Mr Ward,

Can you provide clarification as to the period of interest or subject matter to which your request relates to enable searches to be undertaken?


Information Team

Information Requests
Liverpool City Council
LCC  auto signature (2)

From: liverpool preservationtrust []
Sent: 12 October 2016 12:15
To: Information Requests <>
Subject: request for information

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liverpool preservationtrust 

to Information
Yes sorry I was rushing a bit today.
I require information from and regarding the start and induction of Mr McIntosh being placed as head of the Planning committee and to contain all correspondence on matters relating to the subject of planning matters and or his job as chairman of the planning committee.
I look forward to hearing from you.
David Ward

liverpool preservationtrust 

Mar 28
to Information
I am waiting your response.
I notice that this is now outside the time limits set by the Government.
Please advise me what the del;ay is and when I will have this information please.
David Ward

liverpool preservationtrust

12:11 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Information
I am awaiting the FOI request for information made several months ago.
Please provide forthwith.
I await your reply.

David Ward

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Another One Bites The Dust While Liverpool's Corrupt Planners Watch On.

Park Road takes another heritage hit. 

Can we afford this? 

Even a building with a Liver Bird carved on the stone pediment isn't safe. 
Remember 6 Sir Thomas Street?

In March 2009 They knocked part of the block down.

Now they have got the rest..........
All this while the corrupt planners watch on. They have probably even passed the plans.

Don't you think we need to save what we have got you corrupt clowns at the council.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: LIVE DEMOLITION

Liverpool Preservation Trust: LIVE DEMOLITION

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Sir Neil Cossons.How did he get away with this.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Sir Neil Cossons.How did he get away with this.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Henry Owen-John, English Heretic

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Henry Owen-John, English Heretic

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Everton Stadium to be Built on Bramley-Moore Dock-What A Great Idea.

What a great idea is to use Bramley-Moore Dock as a stadium for Liverpools other team. 
As long as it does not touch the Dock Wall, that was built by Napoleonic prisoners of war.
A new stadium would be low rise and wont bring us into trouble with the United Nations. UNESCO.
Ths is the scale of development that we at The LPT have been asking for in the WHS for over a decade now. 
There obviously won't be as much traffic on match days as there is in Anfield. 
Everton, A small club, needs room to grow. 
So this low scale development will regenerate the area. Everton will benefit it seems a win win.
This nonsense about high rise glass shoeboxes on our historic docks has to stop. 
We need low rise buildings that respect the waterfront. This will do.
Who is driving this forward. Is it fat Joe the Evertonian or Lyndsay the liar of Peel
BUT, Didn't we go through all this a decade ago with Everton's proposed move to Kings Dock. 
And what have we ended up with.......a car park and a block of aestheticly unpleasant white plassy flats with bits falling off them that look like they wont last the decade never mind the century.

So what would happen to Gladys Street and the local economy? 
Everton's move will destroy it of course.
Do Evertonians want to move, maybe some do, maybe some don't.
Every Evertonion will (bore)tell you about how it was one of the first stadiums in the country and how the 1966 World Cup was staged there and all the other battles that have been ought there, and we dont just mean for the meat pies. 
So why do they want to move?  MONEY of course so they can build a Tesco maybe?

We are aware that there is a listing application being submitted to Historic England for Goodison to be listed as Grade I. 

There are some interesting times ahead.

 So Lets get Goodison Listed.

Now thats a great idea. List it so it is preserved in history.

 Lets list Goodison.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Is Liverpool City Council Planning Department Corrupt To The Core Under Joe Anderson's Leadership?.

Does Liverpool have a Corrupt Planning Department?
This is a question that we have been asking for years.
Now the Echo are publishing evidence of (alleged) corruption.
Just imagine all the deals that have been done with sweaty handshakes.
Btwen The Planners and  Joe Anderson's "Cosy" Developer mates.
Shouldn't there be a widespread investigation into all planning applications that were ....helped along?
There are rumours of developers carrying suitcases full of cash to bribe council officials.

What is The Chief Executive of Liverpool, Ged Fitzgerald doing. Well he was Chief Executive of Rotheram while the Child abuse scandal was happening.
So we don't have much faith for him getting to the bottom of this.
Someone need to look into this

Read more below:

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Joe Anderson Blames Richard Kemp's Fib Dems For Wanting To Build On Liverpool's Parkland.

What a bunch of Liars.

Joe and Co have now sunk to a new low with this one.
 In order to justify Joe Anderson's mates at Redrow and various other 'cosy' developers who are hanging on his tail, being given a free run. He and his £90,000 a year PR have really made this one up, blaming Richard Kemp, or is it Warren Bradley.....remember him, for the need to build on Liverpool Parkland.
 What a big fat Lie. Labour are protecting Our Parks the liars who wrote it say.
And in the meantime Alastair Houghton and Co at The Daily Council, The Oldham Echo just carry on with press release after press release converted into page space for Joe Anderson in the Echo.
All this in a publication that goes out free to Liverpool Letter Boxes. paid for by you.
And all this while the whinging Anderson blames the Tory's for cutting funding, he wastes money on this tripe.
Only in Murkeyside could this sort of stuff happen.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mushtaq Saleri Studio Three Chavasse Park Mushroom Farm Pavilion.

 Studio 3

They build sheds and they build them badly.
The only problem is that they are not supposed to be building sheds they are supposed to building new modern structures that will last.
Engaged by a Grosvenor contractor BDP to build a swanky showpiece structure as part of the Chavasse Park development that opened in 2008, they went for an origami style black building that reflects........well nothing doesn't match anything around the Park.
Chavasse Park is the bit of green they stole from the public to build cafes restaurants on what was a grassy park.
A bit basic but it was green lung in the city that was used by office workers to let off steam. 
It still is now to some extent but its a lot more stressful now.
Yes they paved Paradise (Street) and put up a parking lot. 
Then you have even more foolish people applauding bad design here is a revue by (probably a paid for advertorial as that's what Sevenstreets do)
And on top of this parking lot Studio Three built a shrivelled up shed.
Just have a laugh at their foolish design.
They were put up for awards for this new snazzy bit of modernism.(sic)
 Praise was lauded onto the new young up and coming company that was about to take the world, or maybe Liverpool by storm. 
Inspired by a crumpled ciggy packet the set about building a bar with sloping sides and roof that must be very confusing when you come out after a half a pint of cider and think you have drunk about 12 pints.
Its all over the place. But the critics loved it. Critics usually know nothing of what they are criticising. This critic does.
This is a perfect example of what happens when the new architectural kids on the block are let loose with their lack of experience.
They build something that looks like it is falling over.
But worse the people responsible did not understand even the most basic of rules.
 That water needs to be taken away from a building.
Especially one that is made of wood, that also is in direct exposure to the sun.
This building saps up water like a sponge because all the angles direct the rain into little pockets that hold it in tight angled places.
Then the sun dries it out and it warps, exposing more of the underneath and then even more water penetrates and you get.......a mushroom farm.

Basic stuff that any simple person would understand.
But apparently not the whizz kids of Studio 3 didn't.
This sort of Jerry building is made even worse by the cost of it rumoured to be a million pounds.

When the wood is removed for repair, after seven years this was a wreck, you then can see that the frame is constantly under attack from the elements and though the mushroom farms look bad just imagine what its like where you cant see.
The joinery company RJC should hide their heads in shame instead they have put it on their website.
So great was it that Architects Ellis Williams snapped up the Studio and merged it with the firm. 
Hey there's nothing like thinking small.

The architect Mushtaq Saleri should be struck off for this. If he is in fact qualified. 
Surely he couldn't have been. Could he?
I find it hard to believe that anyone with more than a low grade eleven CSE qualification had the intellect to knock this up.
And to use softwood. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Heaps Rice Mill Grade II Listed Building. To Have A Two Storey Loft Bunged On The Top.

Conservationists got it listed and now the listed building is to have a Lawrence Kenwright Signature living STYLE loft extension bunged on the top of it. You couldn't make this up. We get the building listed and then they ruin it. This application is made by one of Joe Anderson's cosy mate developers.

The city council trumpeted to UNESCO that THEY...had saved the Mill. Can't someone save us from the ill educated fat man that is letting his mates do what they want with our heritage.

We warned of this in 2014.

What will Engish Heretics say


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Anfield Cemetry-The Disgrace. Shame On Liverpool City Council.

How can this be right.      

How can disrespect manifest itself in such a way. 
When Joe Anderson is dole-ing out funny money to his mates at Downtown Liverpool In Business why cant he find a little bit of cash to stop this rot?
 (fair enough it has not fell down under his watch, the dilapidation started much before he came to power). 
But what is being done about it now. 
A billion pounds of European money and they cant spend a bit of it on honouring our forebears.
This is a disgrace that is beyond words. It is sacrilege.
 I find it hard to express what this means to me. when I see the names of World War One heroes desecrated in such a manner. It really  is enough to make me cry. Cry for those who have no voice, for those that are buried a long time ago, that have no voice. 
Why did they let this happen. 

And how can they do this to those who fought for our freedom. So we can talk out loud so we can say the Joe Anderson you are corrupted with the power you possess. The fat man needs to take control of this and get this disgraceful situation sorted out. 
We are not a poor city so why cant we find some cash to stop this rot.
 Fat man found two million pounds of public funds to knock down The Futurist in Lime street. 
So why cant he find a little bit of money to help upkeep the honour of the people who went to war in Flanders fields............................... so we can be free. 
The bodies that lay within this roofless building are not all World War One heroes and because the writer does not recognise all the names, cannot say as to the importance of those who lie within these walls. But there must have been an importance that we were not supposed to forget...................Imagine in a hundred years we disrespected the memorials to the Hillsborough tragedy.

 If I could find those responsible for this I would curse them to be disrespected in the same way.